Informative texts

In order to
This involves
Bloom`s Taxonomy
students will be able to
a) informative texts(eg. news articles)
b) a variety of essays
a) of 800-900 words
b) of 650-750 words
comprehend a text
Identifying the gist of the text.
1. Answering comprehension questions.
2. Completing sentences about the gist.
1. Comprehension
2. Application/comprehension
On Friday, I had the opportunity to attend a seminar given by a Dutch fellow about the European Language Portfolio and CEFR.
Some of the things that I came away with were: Although a CEFR ELP accedited portfolio is nice, it isn`t necessarily important.Therefore educational instututes can and should adapt their portfolio in whatever way is required to make it a living ,usable document by their students. As some students are adults training for a vocation, an ELP compiled for them would not suit our students. One of the ways some institutes set up their portfolios is by starting with a Skills based syllabus based on can do statements(Example of an intermediate based reading syllabus is above this blurb.)
In the dossier section there could be pre-planned reading, listening, writing and speaking tasks that the student will do autonomously and then they can assess themselves for each task. An assessment could be :I have read...I have learned ....I can /can`t ... I need to work on ..... .When Students do a project or presentation the student assessment can be : I am able to make eye contact while doing a presentation. I am able to prepare a neat brochure........Of course the formal assessment of the student`s level is done by the teacher using standard procedure.
Thses are just ideas to make our portfolios more learner friendly and transparent.We also need to encourage our students to video tape and record themselves and include these in their files. Lana Neufeld-YILMAZ


One of the people from this group hasn`t received an invitation can you please invite her to our group: Nicoletta79 (Şeyda Tengizman)

Here is the list of items (as Ms. Belgin Öğrek also pointed on the homepage - CEFR sections 6 and 7) in the scope of "teaching" in the CEFR- framework document. I think our plan will be shaped on sharing the subcategories (like, etc.) among the teaching task group members. So, shall we write our names right next to each item below? Maybe, we could come up with some small posters for each item below and then make a collage out of it for the presentation.

(written by Nazmiye Yemez)

That sounds like a good idea to share the items and then put them together. Then you need to make a decision on the deadline for individual preparations and arrange a meeting to share your findings after the Bayram holiday. Have a nice holiday. Belgin Öğrek Dec.6 (

6 Language learning and teaching - (it's only a few lines long)

6.1 What is it that learners have to learn or acquire? - NAZMİYE

6.2 The processes of language learning - Betül

6.3 What can each kind of Framework user do to facilitate language learning?Berna

6.4 Some methodological options for modern language learning and teaching Lana

6.5 Errors and mistakes Elif

7 Tasks and their role in language teaching (it's only a few lines long)

7.1 Task description Şeyda

7.2 Task performance Bengi, Aydoğan, Donny

7.3 Task difficulty ASUMAN

In what ways does the learner come to be able to carry out the tasks, activities and processes and build up the competences necessery for communication? You'll like the link below :
( Betül, Nazmiye, Şeyda, Elif, Asuman, Lana, Berna : CEFR Teaching Group )

A brief summary of Chapter 6 of the CEFR:

A PPP about classroom usage of ELP :

( CEFR Teaching Group )